Club History

Southside Rock and Roll Club Inc. started in 1990 and has been running continually in Canberra since then.

The Club started at the Dutch Club in Mawson when 6 couples turned up for 6 weeks of lessons and quickly grew into a much larger group of dancers from all over the ACT, Queanbeyan and nearby areas.

Our Club had its home at The Burns Club in Kambah for around 15 years and more recently at the Austrian Club in Mawson. The Club was based at the Slovenian Club, 19 Irving Street in Philip, where we had lessons and regular social dancing on Sundays. Now the club is based again at the Austrian Club in Mawson with regular social dancing and classes and at the Harmonie German Club for larger dances.

Our Commitee members

At the Club's Annual General Meeting on the following Committee was elected:

President Arthur Pascoe
Vice President Terry Rogers
Treasurer Vera Mandanici
Commitee Members
  • Lynette Backhouse
  • Alison Brookhouse
  • Janine Wark
  • Edwin Peters
  • Irene Ryan
  • Eileen Tannachion

What dance styles are we focusing on?

Rock n' Roll is a partner dance typically danced to Rock n' Roll music.

Rockabilly is generally danced to faster music and has typically rotational motion and momentum.

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